Branding is all about creating an identity for your business or organization. While color palettes and logos are a big part of branding, there’s a lot more to it than that. 

Opa Greek Grill Logo and Package Design

If a business were a person, then branding would be their personality. It’s their passions and values, how they treat people, and – of course – how they present themselves to the public. Some brands are more serious and to the point while others are more whimsical or down to earth. If you’re a business owner, a lot of times, your company’s brand will often reflect some of your own personality traits, and that’s a good thing! 

My job as a graphic designer is to visually communicate the personality or “vibe” of a company. Color, line, shape, texture, and typography are some of the tools I use to represent the brand of a business. When anyone looks at your logo or other branded materials, they should immediately understand what kind of business you have — and that's my job as a designer!

So, when it comes to branding, there are a lot of different elements that I can create to capture the visual style of a brand. The logo is most important, of course, but there are also business cards, letterhead & stationery, envelopes, signage, wall and window stickers, t-shirts, hats, and so much more!



When I was in design school, I was given the assignment to re-brand a local eatery, so I picked my favorite Greek restaurant and got straight to work! This place makes the best gyros I’ve ever tasted, but they had ZERO visual branding – not even a logo! Starting from scratch, I went all out on this project not just for the grade, but because I wanted their branding to reflect the great service and value they provide to our community. With my design skills, I took their “hole-in-the-wall” vibe and created a trendy and modern restaurant! As a way of showcasing all of the different branding components I made for this project, I created a "Franchise Kit" meant for expanding the business to new locations.

Read the Franchise Kit PDF here.

What to Expect

A Friendly Guide with Experience

I love working with new business start ups & helping them create their visual aesthetic. I know the excitement and fears of starting a business first hand, and I've learned quite a thing or two about branding from working on Vineyard 31. I know how to make good design choices that will set you and your brand up for success.

A Well-Developed Branding Guide to Increase Recognition

I never design "just" a logo for a client. I really focus on creating the visual brand by selecting a color palette based on psychology and choosing fonts and imagery that communicate the tone of your business (fun, whimsical, chill, serious, masculine, feminine, kid-oriented, etc...), and I always package everything nice and tidy for you into a Branding Guide. You'll never be left wondering exactly what color codes to use when you're setting up your website or making a graphic to post on social media. You'll be able to keep a consistent visual appearance across all areas of your business, which increases brand recognition.

All the Right File Types

There are so many different image file types when it comes to your logo, and each file type has a different use. I know exactly which ones you need, and I will teach you when and where to use them.

A Personalized Quote

When I give a quote for a job, I usually include 3 different packages based on your needs — from a single logo to an entire brand identity. I like to include other elements such as business cards, letterheads & stationery, product packaging, website graphics, social media graphics, and even some copywriting for your website or social media. Although I am not a web-developer (I can't do custom coding), I can provide assistance with the design of your website and coach you on what information should go on each page.

Contact me at to tell me about your design needs, and I’ll be happy to send you a quote!

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