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Vineyard 31 is proud to serve Christians who want to make a difference in the world by sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with those around them. My unique note cards will help you spread joy and encouragement that lasts.


The Benefits of Card-writing

Truly loving someone requires an intentional investment of your time and energy into that person. But sometimes busy schedules or long distances prevent us from sharing that good ole' quality time with the people we love.

Whether you live across the hall or in a different time zone, you can strengthen your relationships with your friends and family with handwritten notes! Share stories, reminisce about days gone by, and offer heartfelt encouragement to those you care about most.

Instant messages like texting quickly get lost into digital oblivion. Even if you send the most eloquently written note, it will eventually disappear in the scroll of new messages and possibly erased forever in order to save space on a device. 

However, a hand-written note is a tangible, heart-filled gift that lasts long after it is sent. Cards are easily re-read over and over and treasured for years to come. Encouragement written in a greeting card lasts longer!

There are so many ways you can use your spare time, but binging on Netflix can get old after a while! Making a habit of writing encouraging cards will give you a fun, creative, and uplifting pastime that is much more fulfilling!

Studies have shown that an attitude of appreciation and encouragement is linked with better health, sounder sleep, kinder behavior, and reduced anxiety. When you feel better, so do the people around you, which will improve your relationships.

Love for the Vineyard

The V31 Way

Every card is designed to bring joy to both the sender and the receiver!

My goal is to give you the thrilling opportunity to share encouragement with the people in your community, which help you love more deeply, sleep more soundly, behave more kindly, and live with less anxiety.

– Megan, Owner of Vineyard 31

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